Before going to Iceland, I had to complete an online course that taught me about different types of renewable energy. The course called Enerdynamics, was a 6 hour course that covered wind, solar, geothermal, biofuel,  hydroelectric, and hydrokinetic power. While wind and solar energy are the most well known renewable energy sources, the other ones are far more interesting to me. Geothermal energy is using the natural heat and/or steam from the earth to create energy, and biofuel is using replenishing sources such as plants that are used as a fuel in a combustion process to create heat, and therefore energy. Hydroelectric energy is most commonly known as the energy that is created by dams, where running water creates energy.

The resource that I find most interesting though is hydrokinetic power. Hydrokinetic power is still fairly new and in the research phase, but it is basically the ability to capture the energy that water creates through natural movements, for example the energy from the waves in the ocean. In my future I think it would really cool to work on hydrokinetic technology and make a way to capture energy easily and cost effectively. Here is a diagram from the Enerdynamics course that explains a way that hydrokinetic energy can be harnessed.

Through the Green Program, I will have the opportunity to visit  Hydroelectric, Biofuel, Geothermal and Wind energy facilities. I think it will be really cool to see first hand how natural occurring aspects from the earth can be used to create energy and electricity that people can actually use. I hope that through the Green Program I can learn more about many types of way to capture naturally replenishing energy sources, and that I can apply this to my future career.

Countdown: 5 days till Iceland


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