Day 2: Swimming in Hot Springs 

Today we started off by heading to the University of Reykjavik. It was really different seeing the city for the first time because up until then we had not seen really any major civilization just random buildings in the middle of nowhere. At the university we had two lectures, one was on a brief history of Iceland and its resources, and the other was on energy economics. We then headed out for lunch at a place where all the food was baked and cooked using the steam and heat coming from earth. The food was really good and it was crazy that everything was made using the earth. After lunch we hiked for a couple miles to some hot springs. Where we swam it was where a hot spring river and a cold river converged, so that you could always find the perfect temperature. It was really cool because it was definitely something that I could never do on my own because it was basically in the middle of nowhere and no way to know which ones are cold or too hot to swim in, so it was perfect that our tour guides are locals who know. We left the hot springs and went back to the hotel and had dinner. Sometime after dinner a couple people went by saying that they were going to hike to a cave, and so half of the group (myself included) set off traveling to find it. They had found out about the cave from the cook at the hotel who had told them it was an hour away. After hiking for over an hour and 2.2 kilometers through mostly moss and rocky hills we stopped and our guides looked up where the cave actually is. It turned out that the cave was still another 2.5 kilometers away. Since it was already 10:30 most of the group decided to head back towards the hotel, while 5 people and one of our guides went to the cave. I went to the hotel and thought that the hike was totally worth it because we had an amazing view and saw so much. We got back to the hotel before midnight and there was still enough light to walk all the way back since the sun is up for so long here in Iceland. It was an amazing day with a lot of activity and I was happy with all the things that we did today, and definitely will get great sleep.




**P.S. Sorry for posting this a couple of days late. Also I will add photos to all the posts later, but for now the wifi at the hotel is too slow to upload a lot of photos.


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