Day 3: Geothermal Plant

Today we started the day early by visiting a geothermal energy plant. This is one of the bigger ones in Iceland and it produces around 300 MW. We also were given a lecture while there that was all about geothermal energy and how it works and why it is so important to Iceland. The main reason geothermal is available in Iceland is because the fact that there is the meeting point between the two tectonic plates which makes it easier to access the heat within the earth. After taking a tour of the plant, we went to one of the first hydroelectric plants in Iceland. In comparison to the hydroelectric plant, the geothermal plant was extremely modern and large. The hydroelectric plant still has all the same machinery since the 1920s when it was created. We then went back to the University of Reykjavik and had an official tour that took us through how certain things in the university were engineered in a specific way, since it is a very modern school. At the university we also had a lecture on hydroelectric energy, which went well after visiting and seeing the facility earlier that day. Next, we went to an Icelandic pool. It was really interesting as it was an outdoor pool that they use the natural heat and energy from the earth to heat. Although it was strange to most of us on the program, outdoor pools that are heated are very common across Iceland, and are used year round (yes even in the arctic winter). Once we finished swimming we went out to eat dinner at a super cool restaurant named Kex. At Kex we had amazing food, played games, and all had a ton of fun. I feel that since the sun is out for such a long time the days are super long and we fit as much as we can into them starting our days at 6 and not getting back to the hotel till after 1 am, but I am really happy that I am able to do so much is such little time.


**PS This and the next post are scheduled posts. By the time that this posts, I will be camping and not have wifi. Everything will be posted eventually, including photos.


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