Day 5: Tire Troubles

We started out the day by packing up all of our stuff in order for us to go camping for the next two days. The first place we stopped was at geysir (a geyser, which is one of the only Icelandic words that is the same in all languages). We learned a little about how geysers work, and this one in particular went off about every five minutes so there were plenty of photo opportunities that were taken.

After the geysir we went to a huge waterfall in the golden circle that was completely gorgeous, many more photos were taken there as well. Since we are on the Green Program learning about renewable energy, while at the waterfall our guide asked us if we thought that the waterfall should be harnessed to create hydroelectric power or kept as a tourist spot. Every single one of us on the program said that is should be preserved for its beauty. I think its very interesting how although in our group we are very different we all have similar mindsets, which is a reason the program is so awesome and we do so many cool things.

We then stopped for lunch then went to a hydroelectric plant. This plant was a lot larger than the one we went to earlier this week. It was interesting seeing all the huge machinery and we even got to participate in some activities that helped us learn about the intricacies of hydroelectric power.

Leaving the hydro plant we were headed to the camping spot when on of our rear tires just flew off of the bus. We had to stop and change the tire because we had sheared the bolt right off of the bus. While stopped we got to pet some horses, so that was a positive.

We then went to meet our super jeeps that would be able to take us to the campground. We split up in to smaller groups to fit into the jeeps and I was in the jeep that had all of our backpacks and supplies for the weekend camping. While there before we even got to the extreme terrain that required super jeeps, the tire on our trailer as flew off. It was so weird that on the same day in two different instances a tire didn’t even pop, but both fell off of the bus and our trailer. Our group then had to take all of the luggage and stuff from the trailer and move it into another trailer that was brought by another super jeep. After our tire troubles we were on our way once again and drove through small rivers, and a lot of rocks to get to the “volcano huts” which were located between two glaciers and a ton of beautiful mountains. We set up camp and were ready for bed after a game was played to determine who got to sleep in a tent while the rest of us (including me) stayed in the cabins.


P.S. Sorry for posting late. Also I will add photos to all the posts later, but for now the wifi at the hotels is too slow to upload a lot of photos.


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