Day 6: Mountain Hike

One of the only rule that we had for our camping trip was that we have no concept of time, so we were woken up by Adam, one of the guy who leads the green program, playing guitar. Throughout the whole day we still weren’t sure at what time we did things and how long we did them for, but it was an awesome experience, because of the sun being up for so long you still couldn’t tell what time it was. Because we were camping in such a beautiful place we decided to go on a hike. We hiked up to the mountains and had some breath taking views. On the hike we passed so many different terrains including: grassy hills, trees, rocks, gravel, snow, rivers, and mountains. On the way there one of the cool things that we did was slide down a frozen waterfall. Once we got to the top we had a gorgeous view and just sat there to take it all in for a while. Going back down from the point was a lot easier and faster than getting up to the view, and we walked on the riverbed to get back to the campground. When we were really close to the huts again, we stopped at this cave thing and a wall where a lot of people carve their names into them, only a few people climbed into the cave though. We had a barbeque later that night and s’mores which were amazing after our over 8 mile hike.


P.S. Sorry for posting late. This post and the next couple of posts are scheduled so that they can be somewhat evenly distributed. Also I will add photos to all the posts later, but for now the wifi at the hotel is too slow to upload a lot of photos.


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