Day 7: Waterfalls

We started off the day by packing up and cleaning up our huts at the campground. We then headed off by making a stop by an old riverbed. We hiked through small rivers and a lot of rocks to a grotto type place with this small, but really cool waterfall.

We then stopped at a mink farm that has its own very small hydroelectric generator. From the energy that is produced by the turbine 5% of it powers the whole farm, where the rest of the 95% is sold back to the grid.

Since our jeep was the one with the trailer and missing tire, we missed going to see another beautiful waterfall on the way to the campgrounds, so on the way back we stopped and got some pictures in front of and behind the fall.

Lastly we got to a new hotel, that does not have the best wifi, but it does have great views and a hot tub. There’s nothing better than relaxing from hiking pretty much every day than in a hot tub looking out at the amazing mountains. Also the hotel has fields of farms surrounding it, which means cows, which are one of my favorite animals.


P.S. Sorry for posting late. This post and the next couple of posts are scheduled so that they can be somewhat evenly distributed. Also I will add photos to all the posts later, but for now the wifi at the hotel is too slow to upload a lot of photos.


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