Day 8: Glacier Hike

First we stopped at a tourist type house and watched a video about the volcano Eyja Fjalla Jökull that erupted in April of 2010. After the video we had a presentation about biofuel and energy. In particular we learned about rapeseed oil, which they are growing in Iceland since it has double CO2 intake than it releases when consumed, and most of the plant can be used either the oil for energy or meal for food and fodder. We then got to see where they make rapeseed oil and had a chance to taste the seeds, meal, and oil. The guy who gave us the presentation then pour a bottle of rapeseed oil into the tank of our bus and drank the rest. It was really cool to see how you could just take something that is just a little different than olive and use it to power a car.

The biofuel-ed bus then took us to another waterfall. We had a moderate hike with intense stairs that we took to get to a cliff overlook, which we ate lunch at and played games together.

The last activity of the day we hiked a glacier. We all put on our warmest clothing and put on crampons (spikes for our hiking boots) and got on the glacier. It was weird walking at first with the spikes but it was super cool just being able to walk on a glacier. We got to see a bunch of cool little things about the glacier, and even got to paint our faces with the oldest volcanic ash that was on the glacier.

After a long day of two completely different types of hikes we were all exhausted, we had dinner and worked on our capstone project for the rest of the night.


P.S. Sorry for posting late. This post and the next couple of posts are scheduled so that they can be somewhat evenly distributed. Also I will add photos to all the posts later, but for now the wifi at the hotel is too slow to upload a lot of photos.


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