Day 9: Capstone Project

Today we finished up our capstone projects with our groups. The project that my group came up with is called Connextions. Connextions would be a student-run organization dedicated to establishing a culture of environmental awareness in the United States. Through interactive educational programs we hope to propagate the idea of interconnectivity between humans and the environment to future generations. The really great thing about our project is that it is something that we can actually do currently as college students. The organization would start out by just teaching young elementary students, but we hope that it could expand to teach all grade levels and have chapters in high schools and colleges nation-wide. The big picture that we have is to have education and connections between people from all ages with a top down and bottom up system. Where we can have retired people come and speak to the working class about their experiences, the working class go and talk to students in college, and continue to have the college students teach the younger grade school children. For the future, the children that we are educating now will grow into the college students and the working class, so that our program really creates a whole generation that is aware of the environment and their effect on it. We plan to create Connextions as a club next year starting at Penn State University and seeing how it works there, and then hopefully spreading to other campuses as well.

Since this was our last full day in Iceland, we presented our projects and then went back to the hotel and had a party for our last night.


Sorry for posting these so late I just didn’t want my adventure in Iceland to come to an end, even though I have been home for over two weeks. It feels like by finishing up this blog, my time will officially come to an end. There weren’t any pictures for today except for the title slide from our presentation. Yes, I did create the name of our organization and that beautiful title slide, which is a picture that I took from the 2nd day walking to the hot springs.


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